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I can feel the fingerprints
Your breath left on my skin…

The sun beats down
Through the thin
Of my eyelids

And I realize less means not
Wanting to wake from this

Or take from that morning
Something I think might be
Worth taking for granted.

You’ll never see what I saw
Or know what I thought
Because you were sleeping.

I whispered
In your ear:
Don’t leave. 
I’ll be back with 
Coffee or tea in a

Like tomorrow is
Or the day before.

Stay with me.
Don’t speak, just sleep;
I know you’re waiting

For me to move,
But I’m too busy
With looking for what
Makes you tick.

Too busy to miss
This sunrise passing
By metal shades,

Too busy to worry
About the coffee
Or tea I said I’ll make,

Too busy,
But not for this.
Not for you.

Stay under these covers,
Those sheets,
Under my skin

Your breath
Lined in

Stay with me
In this dream
Until I wake

So when it’s over
I may remember that
Face in this

And nothing else.

Make this dream
Too good to remember.

Make this a moment
Worth writing about.

Make it real
So I can get up to
Brew the tea

With the milk
And sugar
You asked for.

Rob Pavacic

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