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She’s laughing in 480p
We’re stuck there
I’m stuck there
The camera catches the music

And I catch her.
Her face disappears
Then comes back
It’s right there that I

Know this moment
Of in-and-out faces
On-and-off flashes
Will go dark in seconds

But not before she gives me
Her hand to hold
My first
My Only

Keep playing
For those
Who’ve been told
There’s only one

I’m not done
She’s loving this show
More than I thought
There is nothing

No words
I don’t want any
I want her
I just want to time travel

Not to change it
Just to see
From a different angle
And observe

Us how others might have
Or how I wanted them to
Private, concealed, protected.

And not because it was
But because we tried
Having a better time
Than times before

Even when it was over
Even when it was.

Rob Pavacic

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