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I can still feel
The weight
Of her hand resting
On my forearm.

She asked my thoughts
About death.
Where we go after.
I hesitated.

For the longest time,
I’ve tried
To not think
About dying.

“Death is… like a dream”

“They say in the last few moments your body is flooded with DMT. Seconds can feel like years, years like eternity.”

She stopped crying.
I smiled.
She smiled.
We held each other.

The room,
I remember was so dark.
From where we were,
We could see the stars.

Feel the chill
Passing through the window
Between the blinds
Onto our skin.

If we smoked,
It would have been
In that moment
When we felt close

And far apart
At the same time.
That was love
If I ever knew it.

Rob Pavacic

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